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Lectures and lecture series about the ancient world


As of November 2018, all individual lectures cost $200. Please note that effective January 1st, 2019, the price will be increasing to $225.


Lecture series prices can be seen beside their titles. These prices are effective as of November 2018, but, will also be increasing on January 1st, 2019. Lecture series currently priced at $1200 will increase in price to $1350, while those priced at $900 will increase to $1050.


Lectures booked in 2018 for dates in 2018 will receive the posted rate for 2018.




  • What Did King David Eat for Breakfast? Every Day Life in the Iron Age of Israel (ca. 1000 BCE)
  • Written in the Dirt: How Archaeology Helps Us Understand Ancient Israel
  • Before There Were Canaanites: The Archaeology of the Levant from the Appearance of Modern Humans to the First Cities
  • From Abraham to Moses: The Archaeology of Bronze Age Canaan
  • The Golden Age of Israel and Judah: the Archaeology of Iron Age Israel
  • From Ezra to Herod: Ancient Israel in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman Eras
  • The Ancient Roots of Jewish Holidays
  • Foundation Myths: From the Patriarchs to the Settlement in Canaan
  • The Quasi-History of Early Israel: The Period of the Judges and the Establishment of the United Kingdom of Israel
  • The Last Years of Judah: From Hezekiah to the Return from Exile
  • A History of Judea: From Alexander to Hadrian
  • Recent Finds at Tell Ta’yinat, Turkey
  • Archaeology and the Reign of Hezekiah of Judah
  • What Were the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Should Anyone Care
  • The Real Maccabees: The Real Story of Channukah and the Hasmoneans
  • Herod's Judea
  • Biblical Jerusalem
  • Who Were the Philistines?: The Archaeology of Israel's Neighbours
  • Who Were the Hittites? The Archaeology of Ancient Turkey
  • War in the Near East: Ancient Warfare from Sumer to Alexander
  • Assyrian Palace Reliefs: The Art of the World's Earliest Propagandists
  • Josiah: The Worst Known Key Character in Israelite History
  • From Tokens to Alphabets: The Development and Spread of Writing in the Ancient Near East
  • Was There an Historical Exodus from Egypt?
  • King David: Ancient Israel's Answer to Tony Soprano?
  • Did the Israelites Eat Kugel? The Iron Age Diet of the Israelites and Judahites
  • The Archaeology of Animals: The Role of Animals in the Development of the Ancient Near East
  • Toronto: The First 10,000 Years
  • The Ancient Near Eastern Roots of Modern Religions
  • Did King David Eat Kugel: The Ancient Israelite Diet
  • The Ark of the Covenant and the Temple of Solomon
  • Slavery in the Ancient World



  • The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • Jerusalem: The Holy City (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • Egypt of the Pharaohs (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • Slavery in the Ancient World (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • The History of Ancient Israel and Judah: From the Patriarchs to the Roman Era (8 Sessions)($1200)
  • The Land Between the Two Rivers: A History of Mesopotamia (8 Sessions)($1200)
  • An Introduction to the Academic Study of the Hebrew Bible (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • A Survey of Ancient Near Eastern Art (8 sessions) ($1200)
  • The Ancient Near East: A Survey of 8000 Years of History in 8 Weeks (8 sessions) ($1200)
  • Qohelet (Ecclesiastes): The Hebrew Bible's Most Misunderstood and Underappreciated Book (Coming Soon) (4 Sessions) ($600)
  • The Prehistory of Ontario (6 Sessions) ($900)
  • Languages and Literature of the Ancient Near East (8 weeks) ($1200)
  • The Religions of the Ancient Near East (Coming Soon) (8 weeks) ($1200)
  • The Cultures of the Ancient Near East in a Nutshell (8 weeks) ($1200)
  • Everyday Life in the Ancient Near East (Coming Soon) (6 weeks) ($900)
  • North American Prehistory (8 weeks) ($1200)
  • Old World Prehistory (Coming Soon) (8 weeks) ($1200)


  • Introductory Biblical Hebrew (Coming Soon) (15 Sessions) ($2250)


Prices subject to change. Call for up-to-date pricing.

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