The Ancient World
Lectures and lecture series about the ancient world




  • What Did King David Eat for Breakfast? Every Day Life in the Iron Age of Israel (ca. 1000 BCE) ($200)
  • Written in the Dirt: How Archaeology Helps Us Understand Ancient Israel ($200)
  • Before There Were Canaanites: The Archaeology of the Levant from the Appearance of Modern Humans to the First Cities ($200)
  • From Abraham to Moses: The Archaeology of Bronze Age Canaan ($200)
  • The Golden Age of Israel and Judah: the Archaeology of Iron Age Israel ($200)
  • From Ezra to Herod: Ancient Israel in the Persian, Hellenistic, and Roman Eras ($200)
  • The Ancient Roots of Jewish Holidays ($200)
  • Foundation Myths: From the Patriarchs to the Settlement in Canaan ($200)
  • The Quasi-History of Early Israel: The Period of the Judges and the Establishment of the United Kingdom of Israel ($200)
  • The Last Years of Judah: From Hezekiah to the Return from Exile ($200)
  • A History of Judea: From Alexander to Hadrian ($200)
  • Recent Finds at Tell Ta’yinat, Turkey ($150)
  • Archaeology and the Reign of Hezekiah of Judah ($200)
  • What Were the Dead Sea Scrolls and Why Should Anyone Care ($200)
  • The Real Maccabees: The Real Story of Channukah and the Hasmoneans ($200)
  • Herod's Judea (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Biblical Jerusalem (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Who Were the Philistines?: The Archaeology of Israel's Neighbours (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Who Were the Hittites? The Archaeology of Ancient Turkey (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • War in the Near East: Ancient Warfare from Sumer to Alexander (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Assyrian Palace Reliefs: The Art of the World's Earliest Propagandists (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Josiah: The Worst Known Key Character in Israelite History (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • From Tokens to Alphabets: The Development and Spread of Writing in the Ancient Near East (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Was There an Historical Exodus from Egypt? (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • King David: Ancient Israel's Answer to Tony Soprano? (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Did the Israelites Eat Kugel? The Iron Age Diet of the Israelites and Judahites (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • The Archaeology of Animals: The Role of Animals in the Development of the Ancient Near East (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • Toronto: The First 10,000 Years (Coming Soon) ($200)
  • The Ancient Near Eastern Roots of Modern Religions (Coming Soon) ($200)



  • The Archaeology of Ancient Israel and Judah (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • Jerusalem: The Holy City (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • Egypt of the Pharaohs (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • The History of Ancient Israel and Judah: From the Patriarchs to the Roman Era (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • The Land Between the Two Rivers: A History of Mesopotamia (8 Sessions)($1200)
  • An Introduction to the Academic Study of the Hebrew Bible (8 Sessions) ($1200)
  • A Survey of Ancient Near Eastern Art (8 sessions) ($1200)
  • The Ancient Near East: A Survey of 8000 Years of History in 8 Weeks (8 sessions) ($1200)
  • Qohelet (Ecclesiastes): The Hebrew Bible's Most Misunderstood and Underappreciated Book (Coming Soon) (4 Sessions) ($600)
  • The Prehistory of Ontario (Coming Soon) (6 Sessions) ($900)
  • Languages and Literature of the Ancient Near East (Coming Soon) (6 weeks) ($900)
  • The Religions of the Ancient Near East (Coming Soon) (8 weeks) ($1200)
  • The Cultures of the Ancient Near East in a Nutshell (Coming Soon) (8 weeks) ($1200)
  • Everyday Life in the Ancient Near East (Coming Soon) (6 weeks) ($900)
  • New World Prehistory (Coming Soon) (6 weeks) ($900)
  • Old World Prehistory (Coming Soon) (6 weeks) ($900)


  • Introductory Biblical Hebrew (Coming Soon) (15 Sessions) ($2250)


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